Passcape ISO Burner 2.1.1

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Passcape ISO Burner is a powerful application enabling you to create bootable discs from ISO images.

You can set up bootable discs using the most common devices such as CD and DVD recorders and various types of USB (Memory Stick, Compact Flash, Secure Digital, Smart Media, USB Hard Disk drive and USB ZIP drives.

The main features of Passcape ISO Burner include writing ISO images to CD, DVD or USB; extracting ISO images to disc, creating bootable discs from ISO images and working without having other CD or DVD burners installed to your system.

Passcape ISO Burner is portable, which means you don’t have to install it to your computer and make changes to the Windows registry.

This application has been built with easiness of use in mind and it is suitable for beginners, too, due to its basic, clean interface. The wizard-like style of the interface guides you through the process and makes things a lot simpler for rookies.

When it comes to working in Passcape ISO Burner or similar software, you only need to take one precaution. Sometimes, booting from CD, DVD or USB requires modifying your PC BIOS settings.

Burning ISO images to a CD, DVD or USB is simple. Insert the disc or connect the USB, make sure you have enough memory for copying the ISO image and let Passcape ISO Burner do its job. In the case of creating USB bootable discs, Passcape ISO Burner will automatically delete the data it finds on the USB flash drive, so make sure no important data are lost.

Passcape ISO Burner offers anyone a simple solution for creating bootable discs from ISO images. You just need to know a few things about PC BIOS settings and to install this lightweight application.
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Passcape ISO Burner 2.1.1
on 25 August 2022
Melhor programa que eu encontrei até agora.