Opus GUI is a user-friendly application designed to simplify the process of encoding audio files using the Opus codec.

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Opus, a widely acclaimed open-source audio codec, has garnered immense popularity for its exceptional performance, versatility, and low latency.

Now, to make the most of Opus and its capabilities, software developer Moises Perez has created Opus GUI - an ingenious graphical user interface that puts the power of Opus at your fingertips.

With its intuitive design, Opus GUI ensures that even those new to audio encoding can effortlessly navigate and produce high-quality Opus audio files.

Features That Set Opus GUI Apart:

1. Intuitive Interface: Opus GUI boasts an elegantly designed interface that eliminates any steep learning curves. Users can quickly select input audio files, configure their preferred encoding settings, and initiate the encoding process seamlessly.

2. Multiple Audio Format Support: The application allows you to work with various audio formats, such as WAV, FLAC, MP3, MP4, OGG and more, giving you the flexibility to convert your files into the efficient Opus format.

3. Real-Time Encoding Feedback: Opus GUI provides real-time encoding feedback, enabling users to make quick adjustments to the encoding settings, ensuring optimal output quality.

4. Advanced Settings for Experts: While Opus GUI caters to users of all experience levels, advanced users can still dive into a range of custom settings and fine-tune their encoding preferences to suit their specific requirements.

Getting Started with Opus GUI:

To get started with Opus GUI, simply download and unzip the application.

Launch the program and explore its user-friendly interface. You can begin encoding your audio files with Opus right away or take some time to explore the advanced settings for more granular control.

It allows you to encode files to Opus using the following encoding methods:

- opusenc (libopus)
- ffmpeg - libopus
- ffmpeg - opus (native ffmpeg opus library, using CELT only)

The software comes bundled with the Opus encoder. You will need to download ffmpeg to use it if it is not in your system.
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