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Updated: 2 May 2004

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Ogg DirectShow Filters is a package of filters for playing and creating OGM wrapped videos. You can use any DirectShow based media player for rendering these files.
The OGM format was created in 2002 to compensate for the lack of video support in OGG.

This has made it possible to embed videos in an OGG-based wrapper and it has brought other advantages as well, such as always ensuring that audio and video are synchronized.

This format has become obsolete meanwhile, and the Ogg DirectShow Filters has not been developed anymore since 2004.

Even so, this piece of software might still prove helpful, since the OGG format, on the other hand, continues to be used.

There are four filters built within the Ogg Vorbis package: Ogg Splitter, which splits Ogg files into different Ogg streams; Ogg Multiplexer, which multiplexes several Ogg streams into a file; Vorbis Encoder, responsible for encoding PCM audio to vorbis, CBR and VBR modes and Vorbis Decoder, which is able to decode Vorbis audio to PCM or IEEE float.

The last versions of this filter have been improved significantly. The OggDS.dll was divided into VorbisDS.ax (Vorbis Encoder/Decoder) and OggDS.ax (Ogm Muxer/Splitter), which has made independent installation possible; the media types were re-organized correctly and so was the whole directory structure.

Moreover, Ogg DirectShow Filters supports Vorbisgain tags and the IAMMediaContent interface. This means that some tags like “TITLE” can be passed to the player.

Ogg DirectShow Filters also offers support for subtitles with the format SSA, ASS, UTF8 and USF.

If you work with OGG and OGM files or streams, you need Ogg DirectShow Filters not only because it ensures support for these formats, but also because it provides a variety of tools so you can get the best out of your media contents.

- There are some problems with Ogg DirectShow Filters One of visitors reported that: "...for some reason it doesn't play sound in the right channel of my system. I'm using a SoundBlaster Live! audiocard and the most recent drivers." (Thanks Sam)
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2.63 from 16 Reviews


Ogg DirectShow Filters
on 23 March 2009 , reviewed by:

Have you tried increasing the buffer size for the OGM decoder. Mine was set to the minimal of small and ...


Ogg DirectShow Filters
on 10 September 2008 , reviewed by:

Poor. This whole never out of sync thing is bollocks. Constantly out of sinc, sped up and choppy video, poor ...

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