MPEG4 Modifier 1.4.6

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MPEG4 Modifier is an editing tool which enables you to modify MPEG4 videos (XviD and DivX) without re-encoding.

Avoiding re-encoding saves time and resources, and this is the main advantage of MPEG4 Modifier, compared to other editors.

The actions you can perform in MPEG4 Modifier are changing aspect ratio, editing user data, removing or adding packed bitstream, changing interlaced field order, finding out information about the video, such as the amount of I/P/S/B-VOPs used, if QPel/GMC were used or not and so on.

Nevertheless, the movie must be found in an AVI container.

A thing you need to be aware of is that aspect ratio modification works by changing a flag in the VOL headers, which is ignored by most decoders.

To sum up, MPEG4 Modifier is easy to use and reliable; it needs a very low amount of resources and it helps you save time by not using any conversion methods.
Reviews & Comments
MPEG4 Modifier 1.4.6
on 16 January 2015
What do this program? I try, but do not understand, sorry. :)
For example, avi file with the deformed frame size (sprained heads). VirtualDub can correct it with filters and full recode video.

By means of this program, without recoding, it is possible?

later edit:
Yes. It works for me only with nero decoder, now all understandable. Thanks for Your nice tool and excuse me :)
MPEG4 Modifier 1.4.4
on 21 November 2009
This little gem saved me from the nightmare of non-square pixels.

If your video looks stretched vertically when you play it - even when you know it shouldn't - simply open it up in MPEG4 Modifier (it doesn't have to be a MPEG file - it works for AVIs too) and select 'Square Pixels' under aspect ratio.
MPEG4 Modifier 1.4.1
on 08 August 2006
Very nice program to get rid of packed bitstreams so the file is playable on your standalone divx player.