MP3 Repair Tool 1.5.2

Updated: 12 Dec 2008

2.33 from 6 Reviews

MP3 Repair Tool is recommended whenever you are dealing with an MP3 file which doesn’t play anymore. By using this application, even beginners can repair an MP3 file without too much effort.
MP3 files are particularly sensitive and modifying just one byte will make the entire file unreadable.

This kind of accident can happen when using an unreliable MP3 editor.

But a corrupted file should not be a lost one.

Most times, only the first part of the file is damaged, while the rest of the audio information could still be used.

MP3 Repair Tool cuts the corrupt beginning of a file and allows you to enjoy your music again.

It is important to know that you cannot undo the operations performed by MP3 Repair Tool. Once the beginning or the end is cut, you cannot recuperate it. It is advisable to make some backups before trying to repair your MP3 files in MP3 Repair Tool.

The options provided by MP3 Repair Tool are limited and easy to access. You don’t even need a help file, because the GUI is intuitive and the repairing process is quite straightforward. You need to import the MP3 file you wish to repair and afterwards you have to choose the repairing method: removing the beginning of the file or eliminating the end.

Each of the two options and its consequences are explained in the application’s friendly interface. The repairing lasts only a few seconds and you can process multiple files at the same time, on condition that they are located in the same folder.

MP3 Repair Tool is a simple tool for repairing MP3 files which are not heavily damaged. Furthermore, the application works with large MP3 files too and it helps you get back your favorite music in seconds.
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2.33 from 6 Reviews


MP3 Repair Tool 1.5.2
on 21 June 2012 , reviewed by:

Claimed it repaired my mp3 file... did absolutely nothing.


MP3 Repair Tool 1.5.2
on 01 December 2011 , reviewed by:

Seriously that is not helped me to repair my .mp3 files that is bullnuts...

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