Moovida 2.1.1

1.5 from 2 Reviews

Moovida is a complex media player enabling you to organize, play, and have access to multimedia from all over the Internet, directly on your TV screen.

The first thing you’ll notice in Moovida will probably be the application’s elegant and intuitive interface, which displays artwork and video information (artists, plot, genre, etc).

Media can be imported from various sources: local folders, the Internet, other networks, external devices, and so on.

You just need to indicate the movies and music you want to include in your library and Moovida will browse for cover art on the most reliable Internet databases. Additionally, the media player connects to YouTube and suggests videos related to your music files.

Moovida supports the most popular audio and video formats, so you can play virtually any movie or song on your computer: H264, ASF, WMV, MKV, MOV, FLV, OGG, AVI, and many others. Accessing online tunes from is also possible.

In case you don’t feel like strictly organizing your playlist, you can let Moovida take over and offer you a pleasant surprise; the application can suggest music by genre, rating, and acoustic similarity, acting like a talented DJ.

Other options you can enjoy with Moovida are adding bookmarks, configuring an equalizer, using keyboard shortcuts, using the drag and drop method to import files, and so on.

Moovida’s complexity causes it to consume a higher amount of system resources compared to what one would expect, and the response time may not be quite satisfactory.

Moovida has not been developed anymore since 2011, and its last release was far from delivering excellent performance; nevertheless, you need to test it and see for yourself whether this multimedia workstation suits your needs or not.
Reviews & Comments
Moovida 2.0.2
on 11 November 2010
I just found out that the installer also adds an extension to Firefox (Interest Recognizer For Moovida) that has the uninstall option greyed out!! I had to completely uninstall Moovida to remove the add-on from my browser!

I can NOT recommend this crap to any one.

Stay away. Far, far away.
Moovida 2.0.2
on 06 November 2010
Installer is very bad.

1) No option to set installation folder.
2) No option to control start menu items
3) No option to control desktop shortcut


4) Takes control of ALL media files by making itself the only option for playing audio, video and all other types of media.

Player is OK. But the installer $uck$.