MindVid 1.0 Beta 1

MindVid provides lossless video compression at high speeds and it decodes compressed files in real time.

Currently discontinued, the MindVid codec provided some of the higher compression ratios of its time, at the same compression and decompression time as similar codecs.

The last version of the MindVid codec was 1.0 Beta 1, released in 2004, and which was added various improvements:

an installer package, reduced compression time, fixed minor bugs, YUV2 format measurements, improved compression ratio for 8 bit PAL and 16 bit RGB and reduced decompression time for 8 bit PAL and 16 bit RGB.

On the other hand, backward compatibility did not function well.

MindVid is obsolete and its features are considered outdated after today’s standards. The application could still be useful on older machines.
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