Media Companion 3.763c

Media Companion is a must-have for any movie and TV shows enthusiast who likes to keep things organized.
What this application does for you is simply helping you to catalogue and browse your video files from various sources while adding data obtained from posters, fan art, and episode screenshots.

Local NFO and artwork can be scraped for movies, TV, and music videos.

With the large amount of media information available these days, it’s difficult to keep track of all the films you’ve seen, but with Media Companion you can obtain and store all the details about your favorite films.

For each title in your collection, Media Companion accesses Internet databases such as IMDB and displays details like outline, plot, rating, genre, actors, runtime, director, producer, and so on.

Furthermore, you can benefit from multiple cataloguing options and you can apply filters to locate films by year, rating, runtime, date added, and other criteria. Adding a new film to the main window is very fast and convenient due to Media Companion’s “drag and drop” support.

Those who spend their free time watching TV shows will find Media Companion useful as well. For these users, the app downloads data about episodes, posters, and episode screenshots. You can rename files as you wish and you are informed on the missing episodes in your collection. Now you can be a real fan and never miss one episode of your favorite show!

In conclusion, Media Companion will still find a base of satisfied users, even though many people nowadays use online services to watch their favorite shows and movies.

If you prefer to keep your media files on your computer and want to stay organized, then Media Companion is the perfect choice for you. The fact that it’s being constantly updated is also a part of its merits.

Changes to Media Companion 3.763:

- TV \- Display image language if present on Poster tab, TMDB Thumb tab.
- TV \- Episode add DateAdded node to nfo, and options of set by Scrape Date, Episode Aired Date, or by Video file Create Date.

Full list of changes.
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