Matroska Pack 1.1.2

Updated: 1 May 2006

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Matroska Packs are collections of codecs allowing you to view Matroska media files and the most popular video formats using any DirectShow media player.
Incredibly light, they will enable you to view your favorite movies in exchange of a very little amount of your system’s resources.

Although discontinued in 2006, the Matroska Packs still prove to be useful to media enthusiasts all over the world.

Unlike other codec packs, they meet a double requirement: to make it possible to render both Matroska and common media formats.

To achieve its objectives, Matroska Pack Full contains the following components: Haali Matroska Splitter 11-10-2005, MatroskaMuxer, Matroska Shell Extension 2.8, VSFilter 2.36, TTA, CoreFLAC, CoreWavpack 1.0.3, FFDShow 15-10-2005 (decoding only), RealMedia Splitter1.0.1.0, MPEG2 Decoder v0.1.2.0 and MatroskaDiag

During the installation process, you have the possibility to choose which filters to deploy on your system.

Although you won’t regret installing all the features, since the pack is as light as a feather.

The codec is a very discreet presence on your computer and the only component that has an interface is MatroskaDiag, a diagnosis utility for MKV files.

The MKV files are highly appreciated for their high amount of information compressed in one file, but they can only be played when you have a specialized codec installed on your computer, such as the Matroska Pack Full or the other collections under the umbrella of Matroska.

And since this codec does its job with the other types of media files as well, you have one more reason to install it.

The main aspects of the Matroska Pack Full are the small size, the ability to render almost any media format, including the MKV files, and the low amount of resources it needs.

Matroska Pack Lite contains only the very basic stuff needed to play matroska files with Vorbis audio and Subtitles on DirectShow players, so in order to be able to play all your files you need the right video and audio decoders installed already. Also coming with it is the matroska muxer filter, allowing you to create matroska files from DirectShow based muxing and capturing applications, such as ATV2000 or VirtualVCR_matroska.

Matroska Pack MPEG4 is based on the full pack, but it has been removed all the the unneeded stuff for playback of a typical DivX/XviD MKV file.

In conclusion, Matroska Packs are a must for any user who wants to play a large variety of audio and video files.

- The development of Matroska Pack Full was officially discontinued.
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