CoreFLAC 0.4

4.5 from 4 Reviews

CoreFlac is a DirectShow-based tool for the FLAC audio codec which enables you to play files containing FLAC audio in a variety of media players.

As long as the player offers DirectShow support, this tiny virtual item does it job very well.

It is recommended to play media files containing FLAC audio tracks in Windows Media Player, The Core Media Player, Media Player Classic or any media player based on DirectShow.

CoreFLAC is a reliable application and an extremely necessary tool for those who want to play FLAC files in almost any media player.

It is useful to know that CoreFLAC was developed by CoreCodec (the authors of The Core Media Player and other tools) and its development has been closed.
Reviews & Comments
CoreFLAC 0.4
on 28 November 2016
CoreFLAC hasn't had support since 2004!
For better compatibility use madflac updated - 2011.
CoreFLAC Decoder 0.4 and Encoder 0.3
on 20 January 2012
Works great, easy installation.
CoreFLAC Decoder 0.4 and Encoder 0.3
on 11 January 2010
This one allows me to play .Flac on WMP11 with Windows 7. Thanks