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MADFilter is a DirectShow MPEG audio decoder filter, which enables its users to decode the MPEG audio format to the PCM Wave format. It comes with the Winamp MAD Plug-in.

MADFilter replaces the Fraunhofer filter, which is deployed to most Windows systems.

Completely free and lightweight, this filter will ensure optimal playback of your MPEG files.

The MADFilter has not been updated anymore since 2008, and its last version was

The final release came with various improvements: support for non-iso conform mpeg layer2 files, time and version number being updated automatically, cleaning up/date and fixed bugs caused by mono files.

The Winamp MAD plug-in version was 0.15.1 beta.
Reviews & Comments
on 20 May 2007
It is the best of best audio decoders at all
on 25 August 2005
I do think MAD MP3 is the best audio mp3 decoder filter in the world! Needs lesser than less computunal power, and runs prefectly on computers lower 500MHz in combinitiation with xvid mpeg 4 codec!