KMPlayer / 2024.5.23.16

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KMPlayer (or simply KMP) is a versatile media player supporting a wide range of audio and video formats.

First released in October 2002, it has undergone many improvements; the formats it can play include AVI, DVD, VCD, MKV, Ogg, OGM, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, 3GP, RealMedia, Quick Time and FLV.

It also supports 3D format videos and in March 2014, the KMPlayer Mobile App was launched for Android and iOS phones. Cloud KMP and KMPlayer for Mac are currently under development.

KMPlayer has several advantages compared to other players, which make it one of the most reliable software tools for playing video and audio files.

The player has its own internal codecs; it runs on low CPU computers; it is equipped with both internal and external filters; it prioritizes and selects codecs across the operating system due to the DirectShow merit system.

Users benefit from various options, such as setting audio and video effects, selecting as favorites certain parts of a video, changing the skin, slowing down or increasing playback speed and a diversity of configuration options.

The user-friendly design encourages you to avail yourself of all its features.

There is a series of least known features of the KMPlayer which make it an excellent option for the average user looking for a optimal experience.

It supports incomplete or damaged AVI files, compressed audio albums (zip, rar), Adobe Flash and image files (png, gif).

This player also helps users better organize their media files with a Playlist Editor and it has included a Service APP feature, enabling you to use Billboard, K-POP Hot100, 3D Movie Plus, EveryonTV, VIKI and so on from within the player.

Customizing subtitles has never been easier, since KMPlayer has a control box allowing you to sync and out-of-sync subtitle files as you watch the video.

Other inconveniences are also easily solved, such as viewing split videos – they are merged automatically by KMPlayer.

Changes to KMPlayer 4.2:

+ Added Sound renderer select function by monitors
+ Added thumbnail extraction function from MP3 file
+ Added inspection check logics for Load File

Reviews & Comments
on 15 December 2019
For new users: KMPlayer was made originally with the code of MPC and FFDSHOW, but when the developer sold the software to Pandora TV, slowly it became a useless video player.

It's full of big and small bugs, the interface and settings refer to Windows 2000 in a bad way, old filters, old plugins no more used, stutter and jitter, audio and video out of sync, a mess. madVR is not well integrated.

Also, the 32 bit version is no more recommended from the KMPlayer team itself on their forum 'cause is full of unwanted ads, also while playing video in windowed mode!

They advice to use the 64 bit version, which is a clone of MPC-HC, with the same options and very similar GUI.

So, my advice is: please don't use this software, please prefer capable video players like MPC-HC or MPC-BE or Zoom Player or JRiver, made by honest and competent developers.
on 05 January 2018
not as fast as MPC when open a video.
dhruv dey
on 12 May 2016
everytime i install the the km playewr at the last moment of extaction it gets stopped automatically saying porunegud setup stopped working.

i tried 100 imes n downloaded same version n even old version like 4.0.3 from different sites including but same result.n because of that i can only open audio files but not a single video file.i used wi fi everytime ??