IrfanView 4.67

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With its intuitive interface and extensive feature set, IrfanView is the top choice for all your image viewing and editing needs.

Why Choose IrfanView?

Unparalleled Features: What Can IrfanView Do for You?

IrfanView offers a plethora of features to meet your every need. From supporting various file formats to offering advanced editing tools, IrfanView empowers you to unleash your creativity.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, its intuitive interface makes navigating through its features a breeze.

Wide File Format Support:
IrfanView seamlessly handles a variety of file formats, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and many others.

It even supports the latest formats like AVIF, HEIC, and WebP with the IrfanView plugins pack installed.

You can find the complete list of supported formats to verify.

Thumbnail/Preview Navigation:
Easily browse and preview images with thumbnail navigation, saving time and simplifying image selection.

Customizable Toolbar Skins:
Personalize your user experience with customizable toolbar skins, allowing you to tailor IrfanView's appearance to your preferences.

Adobe Photoshop Filter Integration:
Access a wealth of Adobe Photoshop filters directly within IrfanView, enabling professional-grade image enhancements and manipulations.

Efficient Batch Conversion:
Save time by converting multiple images at once, with options for resizing, cropping, and applying filters during batch processing.

Fast Directory View:
Navigate through your image directories quickly and efficiently, even when dealing with large collections of images.

Multipage TIFF Editing:
Edit multipage TIFF files seamlessly, with support for viewing, editing, and extracting individual pages.

Powerful Search Functionality:
Easily locate specific images within your collection using IrfanView's comprehensive search capabilities, allowing you to search by filename, date, size, and more.

Versatile Screen Capturing:
Capture screenshots and select areas of your screen directly within IrfanView, making it easy to capture and save important content.

These features encompass the core functionalities of IrfanView, making it a versatile and indispensable tool for image viewing and editing. Download the latest version of IrfanView and check it yourself.

Changes to IrfanView 4.67

- Various smaller fixes have been implemented, addressing issues such as Insert Text, Paste warning, Hex viewer, and auto adjust colors.
- A separate overwrite option for Save/Save-As menus can now be found under Properties->File Handling.
- The Insert Text dialog has been updated to remember the last screen position.
- A new OCR PlugIn has been introduced, which requires Tesseract OCR. You can find this option under Properties->PlugIns.
- For more information on the new OCR PlugIn, refer to "i_plugins.txt" available at
- PNG comment support has been added, accessible through the Image->Info dialog or using the $C placeholder; note that this feature is for reading only.
- Bugs related to SFF PlugIn loading have been fixed, with thanks to Mateusz "LeftarCode" Lewczak.
- Loading bugs with EXR PlugIn have been resolved, thanks to Minji Kim and Jaehun of WHS WWW Team.
- Thanks to wangmy, the PSP/Formats PlugIn loading bug has been fixed.
- Various loading issues in several PlugIns have been addressed, with special thanks to Trend Micro.
- The following PlugIns have been fixed: Formats, DPX/CIN, WSQ, MrSID, AWD.

Full list of changes.
Reviews & Comments
IrfanView 4.59
on 18 December 2021
excellent and very lite application, full of useful features and options.
I have been using it since 2005.
IrfanView 4.33
on 07 June 2012
I wished that I could help Bill.
(I have Win 7 and just installed that version of IrfanView, without any problems, right into my Program Files (x86) folder.) I would guess, uninstall and check you install options, carefully?

My problems is with the Slideshow Mode and their Full Screen Options (Full Screen / Slideshow). None of them seem to be working or holding within Full Screen Mode? :(
IrfanView 4.33
on 03 April 2012
the program installs ok, but it installs itself to the desktop in windows 7, 64 bit