Icaros 3.3.2 / 3.3.3 beta 2

Icaros is a robust set of shell extensions designed to enhance media file management on Windows.

Developed by Xanashi, Icaros brings advanced thumbnail and property handling capabilities, making it easier for users to navigate and manage their media collections.

Key Features of Icaros 3.3:

Thumbnail Generation:
Icaros excels in generating thumbnails for a wide range of video formats, including the latest HEVC and AVIF. This feature helps users quickly identify media files without needing to open them.

Property Handler:
With Icaros, detailed media file information such as bitrate, resolution, and codec type is readily available in Windows Explorer. This extended property handling is beneficial for users who need quick access to file metadata.

Performance Optimization:
The latest updates to Icaros include significant performance enhancements. The thumbnail generation process is now faster and more efficient, even when dealing with extensive media libraries.

Recent Updates to Icaros:

The recent updates to Icaros have brought several new features and improvements:
- Added support for thumbnailing 'tiled' HEIC files (Fixes 'zoomed in' thumbnails for HEIC files)
- Added thumbnailing support of EPS files with an embedded preview
- Added thumbnailing support of INDD files with an embedded preview
- Added AI, EPS, and INDD to the 'Common' and 'Most Known' presets
- Improved thumbnailing of AI files
- AI, EPS and INDD are now registered as image formats
- The 'View Size' will now only show up Windows 7 and below, as it is not relevant on newer versions of Windows
- A couple of minor improvements
- Updated FFmpeg

Icaros is an essential tool for Windows users who manage large collections of media files.

Its ability to generate thumbnails and provide detailed file properties enhances the overall user experience, making file navigation simpler and more efficient.
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