HuffYUV 2.2

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HuffYUV is a well-know codec with lossless compression capabilities.

It is compatible with VirtualDub and similar applications.

The output provided by HuffYUV is bit-for-bit identical with the original video.

This standard replaced uncompressed YUV as a video format and it has helped its users save memory space.

Besides not affecting video quality and working at real time speed, the HuffYUV codec provides support for lossless RGB data encryption, which means you can use it with files created with VirtualDub.

In order to install the HuffYUV codec, you need to extract the archives from the file, right-click on huffyuv.inf and select Install. You don’t have to restart the computer after installation is completed. You can delete the files in the temporary folder after installing HuffYUV.

HuffYUV’s final release, 2.2.1, featured a series of changes, such as a new .inf file for uninstalling, added MMX optimized YUV for RGB conversion routines, storing interlaced mode in AVI files, a reduced resolution option for saving the file at half the size of the original, supporting all resolutions and faster internal routines.

In terms of speed, HuffYUV can compress videos with a resolution of 720 x 480 and with a frame rate of 30 FPS in real time.

In case you want to use the HuffYUV codec for video capture, you need to make sure that your card provides support for YUY2, UYVY and RGB formats. If not, you can still use HuffYUV for editing, not capture.

The development of the HuffYUV codec has been discontinued, and it is recommended only if you use and older operating system. Its features are available in other up-to-date codecs and HuffYUV has not been tested on the latest operating systems.

Reviews & Comments
HuffYUV 2.2.0
on 14 February 2013
Can original huffyuv decode ffdshow huffyuv?
(I have problems with out of sync using avisynth+ffdshow huffyuv)
HuffYUV 2.2.0
on 10 May 2011

It run great with XP, but... how to install it or, how to know if it's installed (in Seven 64bit) ?

I can't get pictures in VirtualDubMod (, even with ffdshow:
"Couldn't locate decompressor for format 'FFVH' (unknown)..."

I tried with 64 and 32bit versions of ffdshow, but it is the same.

HuffYUV 2.2.0
it's me
on 04 October 2007
Don't use 2.2.0 use 2.1.1 I have no problems with that one :)