Greenshot 1.3.120 beta

Updated: 12 Aug 2020

Greenshot is a compact and up-to-date application enabling you to easily take and edit screenshots.
There are multiple options available with this program: saving just a part of the screen, adding graphical elements, saving them to the local disc, uploading them on the Web or printing.

This application is extremely useful for anyone working with screenshots, such as technical writers, project managers, developers, and testers.

At the same time, Greenshot comes in handy when you are experiencing some software difficulties and you have to send screenshots to technical support.

There are four possible destinations for output files: image editors, the clipboard, a printer or a file on your local disc.

Greenshot offers a variety of editing options helping you to illustrate your observations and sustain your point of view on screenshots: drawing lines and shapes, adding text boxes and highlights, cropping images, loading objects from other files, duplicating elements, and using copy, cut and paste options.

The output formats produced by Greenshot are BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF and TIFF.

Some features allowing you to customize your experience in Greenshot are available as well: changing the language, setting hotkeys, including or excluding the mouse cursor from the screenshot, setting Greenshot to run automatically when you start your computer and so on. Greenshot’s icon can be found in the system tray, and you can access the program from the system tray area without interrupting your activity for too long.

Printing options include rotating screenshots to fit page orientation, stretching or shrinking them to fit the size of the paper, stamping the time and the date at the bottom of the page and so on.

Greenshot is useful for any person working in an office and needing a reliable and customizable tool for taking and editing screenshots.
Print Greenshot pictures/screenshots/thumb/greenshot_2.jpg

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