DVDforger allows you to build DVDs using as input almost any type of video file.

DVDforger is no more developed and has been replaced by DVDForge.

This DVD authoring tool converts to DVD the most popular video files on condition that the necessary codecs are installed.

Multiple titles with multiple audio tracks, subtitles and a simple menu are supported with DVDforger.

DVDforger is in fact a graphical user interface for a series of free tools:
- Aften (AC3 video encoder),
- AviSynth (video frameserver),
- BMP2PNG (image converter),
- Decomb (video deinterlacer),
- dvdauthor (DVD authoring application),
- HC Encoder (MPEG-2 video encoder),
- MediaInfo (media analyzer),
- mplex from MJPEG Tools (MPEG multiplexer),
- mkisofs (ISO image builder),
- uEnc (MPEG-2 encoder as well)
- and WAVI (audio track extractor).

The last version of DVDforger was released in 2008. DVDforger 0.6.2 alpha can be installed using two different methods: the exe file or the zip archive, where you need to unzip and run the files. The second version includes the source code, too.

The “alpha” tag in the final release title suggests that the developer considered this an early version and does not guarantee for the application’s functionality. Occasional crashes and bugs may occur, and there were no further improvements made to the alpha release.

Nevertheless, the last update of the application included:
- Fixed program exit when closing the update dialog box
- Added register App Paths for DVDForge
- Updated language files

If you don’t already have Avisynth on your computer, DVDforger can install it, after you grant permission.

DVDforger allows you to enjoy the features of various well-known DVD building and editing programs. Its major advantage, compared to similar software, is supporting almost any video format as input.
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