DVDAuthorGUI 1.029

Updated: 28 Nov 2010

DVDAuthorGUI is a user-friendly frontend for dvdauthor, an application which converts MPEG2 streams to DVD movies.
Creating a DVD becomes much simpler using this graphical user interface.

DVDAuthorGUI allows you to access multiple features which would otherwise be available only in a command-line interface: multiple titles, creating chapters, adding subtitles to your DVDs, m2v still creation, supporting multiple audio streams, basic navigation commands, creating ISO files and multiple titleset menus (both still and in motion).

By installing this GUI to your computer, you will have access to powerful tools such as dvdauthor, mjpegtools, GraphicsMagick and mkisofs. Most important of all, you will be able to access their features using an intuitive, graphical interface.

Each project includes elements such as video files, audio tracks, subtitles, chapters and images. Projects can be saved for further editing. Like any reliable DVD conversion tool, DVDAuthorGUI offers you the possibility of creating chapters that give a professional look to your DVDs. Furthermore, you can edit the XML file before authoring the DVD. This option enables you to fine-tune your DVD contents. The output can be saved as an ISO file when the project is completed.

The last version of DVDAuthorGUI, 1.027, was improved with a new feature: when installing ffmpeg, the application opens the bin directory for you. The bugs related to using ffmpeg for multiplexing menus have also been fixed.

Advanced users may prefer the command-line interface, but the average computer user will definitely find this GUI an easy way of accessing the features of dvdauthor.

In spite of the additional elements that come with a graphical user interface, DVDAuthorGUI needs a low amount of system resources to function and it remains a very reliable tool for converting your video files to DVD.
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MenuShrink MenuShrink lets you to compress DVD motion menus by converting them into still menus, with or without audio. Their size is cut down 60 to 95%, which helps you save hundreds of megabytes.

PgcEdit PgcEdit allows you to change the parameters and navigation commands of already authored DVD structures.

VideoCalc VideoCalc is a helpful tool which calculates the video bitrate you need to use when encoding a movie to DVD, SVCD or DivX in order to fit a certain disc size.

vStrip vStrip makes it possible to extract content from DVDs, more precisely streams from VOB, M2P and LST files.

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