DVD Collector is one of the easiest ways of managing your movie collection, no matter how many DVDs you have.
This application is very easy to use: you insert movie title manually, you perform a search on online databases and you download movie information.

The information is stored on your local disc and it can be accessed again whenever you want, without connecting your computer to the Internet.

By using the application’s customization options, you will be able to store the exact amount of information you need.

The main features of DVD Collector are support for multi-disc DVDs (details about each disc are offered), custom data fields, inputting your own movie reviews, adding new entries and removing the unnecessary ones, wishlists, image viewers, password protection for files and folders, exporting information and creating reports, and a customizable interface.

One of the most useful features of DVD Collector is the purchase manager, allowing you to estimate your collection’s value.

You can store purchase information for each DVD, and, since the program works with multiple currencies, you can input prices in any currency and ask DVD Collector to display the value of the entire collection in your local currency. If you lend DVDs to other people, the Loan Manager will help you keep an eye on the items that are currently missing from your collection.

Additional features are support for box-sets (up to 4 images per DVD and 2 per box-set), drag and drop support, a search function and keeping multiple collection files.

DVD Collector is a reliable help for any DVD enthusiast looking to organize their movies into an impressive collection and keep track of all items.
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