DivXG400 is a universal, codec-free solution which is compatible with all media players using the DirectShow Filter Graph (Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic, Zoom Player and MicroDVD Player, to mention just a few).

The video codec must support the YUV2 output format.

It helps you configure the movie playback when using the DivX codec; you will be able to access the codec settings and adjust the video processing parameters.

All video parameters can be accessed in the same window. There are three tabs, for image, subtitles and the on-screen display.

By using the Picture tab, you can adjust image format, flip the image, cut a part of the frame or extend the overlay.

Regarding subtitles, you can configure the subtitle position and the font type or dimension for perfect visibility. By enabling the OSD, you can check the elapsed or playing time.

DivXG400 can be used with any graphic card, not only with Matrox, but some options make sense only for Matrox users.

DivXG400 has not been updated for a long time, and its last version, 2.83, featured changes such as an improved subtitle renderer, automatic TV output format selection, improved FPS dectetion in case of “secretive” codecs like DivX 4/5, added support for VobSub 7 subtitles, fixed remaining time OSD malfunction, image doubler of small clips for better subtitle quality, no flipped image using the Elecard MPEG decoder anymore, no subtitle flickering in single-buffer mode and an optimized MMX assembler for functions consuming large amounts of system resources.

Many features of DivXG400 are nowadays available in up-to-date media players. The application has not been upgraded anymore since 2004 and it is considered obsolete.

DivXG400 can be nevertheless necessary if you are using and older machine and you cannot update your codec and media player.
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