DirectVobSub (VSFilterMod)

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DirectVobSub, also known as VSFilter, is a DirectShow filter needed in order to display subtitles and which integrates within any media player that supports the DirectShow technology.

Some well-known players that supports DirectVobSub (VSFilter):
Windows Media Player, MPC-HC, Zoom Player, etc.

What this filter allows you to do is to set your player to read external subtitle files and add them to a playing video.

It supports various subtitle formats, such as SUB, IDX, SSA, ASS, SRT, SUB, SMI, PSB, USF and SSF.

DirectVobSub detached from the VobSub application, whose last version was 2.23 and whose development is discontinued.

DirectVobSub has undergone various improvements, such as extracting subtitles from a DVD without needing to rip the entire DVD first.

Other changes refer to the VSFilter and include improved performance with handling the \be tag and no more freezes when combining Media Player Classic, VSFilter and the Haali Video Renderer.

DirectVobSub can also be used as a plugin for AviSynth and for VirtualDub thanks to the included VSFilter.dll.
If you are interested in the VirtualDub VobSub plugin, you are advised to download the old VobSub 2.23 application.

All things considered, DirectVobSub is a piece of software worth trying if you need a DirectShow filter offering many advanced options, so you can view subtitles optimally and according to your requirements.

External subtitle files can be easily read and superimposed on any playing video file.

In case the automatic installation doesn’t work (you may encounter this problem especially to old releases), you need to take the following steps:

- unarchive; use the files from either “Release folder” (for Windows9x/ME), or from the “Release Unicode” (for Windows 2000/XP) or from “x86”, “x64” folders;
- copy the DLL or AX files in “system32” folder from C:\Windows\; go to “Start”, choose “Run” and type “regsvr32 filename.dll” or “regsvr32”.

If you are still unable to install the filter, please read this small guide: How to install/uninstall DLL and AX codec files from Guides section.

Changes to VSFilter 1.5.7:

- The VSFilter project is separated from the MPC-BE project.
- Replace the < br > tag with a newline in SubRip subtitles.
- Added support for WebVTT.
- Fixed filter operation when changing the playback speed.
Reviews & Comments
DirectVobSub (VSFilter) 2.41.322
on 26 November 2017
I cannot get to work with WMP X64 bit Windows playing .avi. does nothing.please help!
DirectVobSub (VSFilter) 2.41.322
isam alkhatib
on 31 March 2017
Hi all
i found a bug in the application when using the combination of windows media player and extended screen to 4:3 from (General tap) choices... the text appears in the middle of the screen and nut in the bottom of the screen no matter how you try to change its position the (override placement ) choice in this matter,is not working as proper as it should.
DirectVobSub (VSFilter) 2.41.322
on 02 August 2015
Guys, when will make you DirectVobSub compatible with Windows 10?