Are you looking for a method allowing you to produce subtitle files from closed captions data?
CCExtractor can help – this effective tool will deliver independent subtitles files after analyzing the most common video file formats.

Some of the closed captions types supported by CCExtractor are American TV captions such as CEA-608 and CEA-708, and Teletext based European subtitles.

Your job is simple – just tell CCExtractor what file to process and it will do everything it takes to produce a reliable subtitle.

Closed captions from movies can now be used to product subtitles you can keep on your computer or share over the Internet.

The file types that CCExtractor can export include SRT, TXT, SAMI, BIN, RAW, and TTML. Moreover, you can adjust subtitles and benefit from features such as subtitle delaying, choosing between multiple encoding types, adding color information, setting text position, keeping original type setting tags, and applying various capitalization rules. You also have the possibility of adding a custom text as start and end credits.

But why would you produce separate subtitle files if the subtitles are already embedded in the video file?

Advantages of this operation include saving subtitles in case you do MPEG processing (which erases closed captions), easy subtitle sharing, creating a subtitle files database, and not needing to use a closed caption decoder anymore. US TVs are legally required to have closed caption decoders, but things are different in Europe and you may not be able to view subtitles from a DVD bought from the US.

CCExtractor is recommended due to its fast subtitle extraction time, simple interface, and insignificant memory usage. You can count on this app no matter what operating system you use (Windows, Linux, or OSX).
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