Bluesky Frame Rate Converter 4.6.2

The Bluesky Frame Rate Converter is designed to convert frame rates of video content while maintaining excellent video quality.

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It utilizes sophisticated algorithms and advanced techniques to analyze and interpolate frames, resulting in smooth and natural-looking motion.

Whether you need to convert videos from low to high frame rates or vice versa, the Bluesky Frame Rate Converter can efficiently handle the task.

This program is a DirectShow Filter that utilizes GPU acceleration to convert frame rates. It offers the following features:

- Support for AMD GCN generation discrete GPUs and APUs, including GCN1.0 GPUs and Ryzen/Athlon APUs with Vega Graphics (referred to as AMD Fluid Motion Video*1).
- Frame interpolation is employed to convert the frame rates.
- Input rates such as 24p, 25p, 30p, 50p, 60p, and 60i*2 are supported.
- Output rates include 60p, 72p, 75p, 120p, and 144p.
- The filter is compatible with the DXVA decoder.

*1 AMD Fluid Motion Video refers to the support for GCN generation dGPUs and APUs, including GCN1.0 GPU and Ryzen/Athlon APU with Vega Graphics.
*2 The conversion of 60i to 24p is achieved through inverse telecine (IVTC) and subsequent frame interpolation.

With its advanced algorithms and user-friendly interface, it enables seamless and high-quality video playback across various platforms.

Whether you are a content creator, film enthusiast, or video editor, the Bluesky Frame Rate Converter provides the tools you need to enhance video quality and deliver captivating visual experiences.
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