AVImedic can solve your playback problems fast and easy without looking for all kind of media players and codecs and without cutting out bad frames.
This utility is recommended when you are dealing with playback issues with an AVI file you have downloaded from multiple users.

AVImedic is a portable utility, which means you don’t have to install it to your computer.

It doesn’t modify the Windows registry and it can be stored on the local disc or on a portable memory device and run whenever it is necessary.

The program uses two methods for repairing AVI files. One is using a second instance of the original video (which will be corrupted differently), while the other method is based on a patch file created by another user, who has the same video you are trying to fix.

Some of the errors that AVImedic can repair are missing index blocks, picture freezing, player crashes, and missing audio or missing video.

The last version of AVImedic, 5.3a, has been released a long time ago and it featured the following changes: processes could be paused or stopped at 100%, size values were rounded up (MB is displayed before Kb), analysis results display percentages and size of both real and fake data. Files which are smaller than 1 Kb can cause errors and some AVI structures can lead to severe analysis slowdown.

AVImedic can be easily recognized by its colorful and neat interface, where functions are nicely placed on the left and right sides of the main window. AVImedic can only process one file at a time.

AVImedic represents one of the simplest solutions for solving AVI playback issues, due to the straightforward interface and the comprehensive Help file information.
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