AVI Fixed 2.0 b1

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AVI Fixed is a portable application which rebuilds the index of partially downloaded videos.

As a result, you will be able to play these files error-free.

The utility fixes the file’s play time error and it allows you to watch partially downloaded AVI videos. The program works only with AVI files.

AVI Fixed is a portable application; you don’t need to install it to your computer, but run it whenever it is necessary. You can keep the executable file on your local disc or on any USB flash drive.

It does not modify the Windows registry and it does not leave any traces after deleting it from your computer.

AVI Fixed is extremely easy to use: the interface is straightforward and the only available options can be accessed from the main window. Files can be imported only by using the file browser and the application fixes files by simply hitting a button. During the process, information such as logging details, total length and file format is displayed.

The main function of AVI Fixed is fixing errors. If you have a partially downloaded file, the Fix button will solve your problem within minutes. You can watch the movie, but if you want to pause it, you need to use the Stop button.

The other function of AVI Fixed is video and audio synchronization. You need to open the file, press Fix DUB and select the time you want to adjust.

It is recommended to keep a backup copy of your AVI files because results are not guaranteed.

AVI Fixed is outdated and in spite of its efficiency and low CPU usage, it is not needed by too many users anymore since its key functions are included in modern video players.
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AVIFixed 2.0 b1
Entropy Happens
on 04 February 2008
Helped me reconstruct an AVI of my kids that got munged after being accidentally deleted and then recovered. Worked great for me.