AVI Trimmer 6.1

4.33 from 3 Reviews

SolveigMM AVI Trimmer + is a powerful application which allows you to cut pieces from AVI and MKV videos without needing to encode or decode video files.

By using this trimmer, you will avoid video and audio degradation and synchronization problems after editing.

The AVI Trimmer + supports, as its name suggests, both AVI and MKV files.

Moreover, the application also supports AVI and MKV files embedding other types of video and audio content.

To be more precise, the file formats supported by AVI Trimmer + are AVI type 1 and 2; OpenDML AVI; AVI files with any video content such as DivX, XviD, MPEG4 and so on; AVI files with different audio contents, including AC3, OGG and MPEG 1,2 Layer I, II, III; AVI files with VBE MPEG audio; AVI files exceeding 4 GB; MKV format files and MKV files with various types of video content: AVC, MPEG4, DivX, XviD and with any audio content.

Other features of the AVI Trimmer + you should know about are the following: it’s based on the Solveig Video Editing Engine; it allows trimming AVI files containing VBR audio without synchronization loss; it can cut various portions of a movie at one time so you can eliminate unwanted commercials and it supports the OpenDML AVI file format extension.

AVI and MKV files can be imported only by using the file browser; the “drag and drop” method is not supported. Fragments you want to cut can be easily selected by marking the starting and the ending point.

An up-to-date tool, AVI Trimmer + is strongly recommended to anyone who wants to easily cut multiple video file fragments. No matter what type of AVI or MKV file you want to process, this application will do the job.

Changes of AVI Trimmer + 6.1

- It has been added support for MP4, MOV, WEBM, FLV, ASF, WMV, MP1, MP2, MP3 and WAV files
- File slicing by time / length / parts
- Ability to mute audio on selected fragment
- Support of subtitles for preview
- Fragment time calculator
- New user-friendly interface
- Visual scalable timeline with video thumbnails and audio waveform

Reviews & Comments
AVI Trimmer 2.0.1008.17 beta
on 24 August 2010
I'm surprised that they released a new major version of it, but it's very much needed. Just tried it and it works really well. There are some minor changes to the look of the icon and buttons when the program is started. Also, this newer version now supports MKV, which I don't care much for, but still, for those who deal with a lot of MKV files, this will definitely be great to use.

There was one thing they fixed that sold me. When entering the time, I can simply type it in, and it moves from one column to the next as I do it, without me having to use my mouse at all. Earlier versions, had this capability, but in the later versions past 1.6, it was removed for some reason.

I use this a lot, because I have nothing but ".avi" files and I have to trim down a lot of big files. It works great when I need it. Would definitely recommend this software to just about anyone willing to try it.
AVI Trimmer 1.6.803.02
on 14 April 2008
This program is easy to use and is great as long as your dvd player will support the trimmed/split files. I made the mistake of editing out the credits of 10 episodes of Medium and found that they no longer worked in my Hitachi dvd player as a result. The files worked fine on my pc though. Be sure to make sure that the created avi files are compatable with your dvd first!
AVI Trimmer 1.5.709.25
Milan Smith
on 26 September 2007
Great tool for trimming or spliting or cutting avi files. Unlike some other programs in the similar branch this one doesn't produce audio/video sync problems. The use is pretty straightforward. So no complaints on my part. Simple and does the job.