ACE Mega CodecS Pack 6.03 - Professional Edition

3.31 from 177 Reviews

ACE Mega CodecS Pack - Professional Edition is a collection of codecs allowing you to play almost any type of media file and to use Authoring ToolS for content creation.

Get the best out of your media files and adapt the codec pack to your needs and experience thanks to the support for different installation modes.

Although the ACE Mega CodecS Pack - Professional Edition’s last version was released in 2004 and it has been discontinued since, there are still categories of users which find it necessary and even welcome.

It is better to mention from the beginning that this piece of software addresses to advanced users rather than to beginners.

The installation process is a bit more complicated compared to other codecs.

For those less familiar with codecs and their features, the “Just Play” installation mode should provide them with everything they need.

If you want to squeeze the most out of the ACE Mega CodecS Pack - Professional Edition, go for the Professional mode, but you’d better know what you’re doing in order to get the desired results.

Once you have installed ACE Mega CodecS Pack - Professional Edition properly, you will rule out any compatibility issues and play and manage your media files like a pro.

A complete list of this virtual item’s features would take pages, so what you need to know is that you’ll be able to play any widely-used media format file, and that you will also be provided with two of the best media players out there, BSPlayer and Media Player Classic.

ACE Mega CodecS Pack - Professional Edition is, in conclusion, a piece of software dedicated to advanced users who want and are able to customize their codecs and who also are interested in obtaining some utilities on the side, such as diagnostic tools, tag editors, video converters and so on.
Reviews & Comments
ACE Mega CodecS Pack 6.03 - Professional Edition
on 26 November 2012
It works great for those who know what they are doing. Like it said above, if you dont, then dont. You need to know what you already have installed and what you need to install before using, if you cant answer those questions then you have no business using this software in the first place.

Don't under-rate it just because you are ignorant... it is exactly what it says it is, a huge codec pack, 9 times out of 10 you are NOT going to be installing ALL of them...doh! and a note to the newbies who think they can just start encoding and sharing movies: PLEASE leave it to the pros, there is far too much crap out there thanks to you newbies thinking you are good at encoding just because you got it to work for you...

leave it to those that know how to actually give the best encoding for their byte,cpu and gpu cycle.
ACE Mega CodecS Pack 6.03 - Professional Edition
on 09 November 2011
If you are one of the computer noobs, who click install without even reading anything, and expecting the computer to do the rest, this is simply not for you.

There are loads of codecs, but its up to you to decide which ones are necessary. If you do it wrong(or try to install it all) you will end up with a ruined OS, and a media player working with less file types than before.

If you dont know what you are doing, it has options like "minimalist" "just play" "lite edition" \"player edition\" in it. Either use them or dont even bother downloading it.

However if you have some experience how to configure this, it provides many extra encoding options for adobe premiere, 3ds max or similar programs. It doesnt cause any problems, I installed it 6 years ago, and still havent formatted. Since then, I installed it on another pc, 4 laptops and 2 notebooks, no problems at all.

This PACK deserves so much better rating than it gets, as the problem is not the codec pack, but people with zero knowledge trying to act like experienced users. This is a codec PACK, not a miracle worker.
ACE Mega CodecS Pack 6.03 - Professional Edition
Paul Louis Seize
on 20 March 2011
After having this installed I had very few issues, or so I thought. After about 3 months of haveing certain avi files causing Windows Media Player to crash I uninstalled this codec pack and it worked fine. Ironic that a codec is suposed to help files work is messing them up.

My oppionion is that they lumped these codecs together without seeing which ones conflicted. If you're having BEC errors THIS IS THE PROBLEM.