AC3Filter Tools 1.0a

Updated: 6 Apr 2013

AC3Filter Tools offer you the possibility to edit your audio files using command-line tools.
By working with this utility, you will enjoy high-quality audio decoder and processor programs that handle all aspects of sound editing.

The components of the pack are ac3enc (an AC3 encoder), bsconvert (for Bitstream conversion), equalizer (Graphic equalizer), filter (a simple parametric filter), gain (gain tool), mpeg_demux (MPEG Program Stream demuxer), noise (noise generator), resample (sample rate conversion), spdifer (it performs SPDIF encapsulation), swab (a byte-swapping tool), valdec (a multi-functional file player, decoder and processor) and wavdiff (for WAV difference).

Because it runs in Command Prompt, AC3Filter Tools is portable and you don’t have to install it to your computer.

Some of the operations you can perform in AC3Filter Tools are encoding WAV files to AC3 audio; displaying sound equalizers; demuxing audio files; resampling sound; converting MPA, AC3 and DTS streams to SPDIF formats and adding background noise. Conversion to other formats is performed without affecting sound quality.

The latest versions of AC3Filter Tools have been improved with features such as fixed WAV files reading errors, adding a x64 build, supporting files larger than 2GB, measuring the CPU time used by a program, an updated equalizer and precise PCM passthrough.

AC3Filter Tools are not recommended to beginners, since they use command-line operation, but still they represent a powerful package for those who know how to work with them.

These utilities provide a smart way of processing audio files and of even increasing their quality. Advanced and multifunctional, AC3Filter Tools are definitely the choice of experts.
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