AC3 Decoder 1.2.6

Updated: 2 Oct 2005

AC3 Decoder development and distribution have been closed. Due to the fact that its name is a little confusing and many people are landing here searching for an ac3 audio decoder, a link to AC3 Filter has been added to download page.

AC3 Decoder (not to be confused with the AC3 Filter) is a convertor for AC3 files which can produce a variety of output files, including WAV, OGG, PCM, MP3 and WMA.
Additionally, it can extract audio streams from VOB files and convert it to the formats previously mentioned.

The AC3 Decoder offers support for the Windows Media 9 format and for variable bit rate or VBR audio. This means you can enjoy better quality and a smaller file size.

The main advantages of the AC3 Decoder are listening to multichannel movies and music, enjoying surround sound in another room and not only where the home theater system is located, listening to true surround sound on portable devices and making it possible to play the AC3 format on your favorite audio player.

All these are possible because AC3 Decoder combines information from the up to 6 audio channels of the AC3 format file into two encoded channels; each channel is delivered to one of your ears and a natural listening sensation is obtained. Now you can enjoy surround sound in your headphones.

Additionally, AC3 Decoder has its own sound mixing algorithm, based on the mixing recommendations of the Dolby Laboratories.

Experienced users are encouraged to adjust audio settings and change bit rate, sample rate, channel mode and compression level as they wish. The interface of AC3 Decoder displays a file queue and plentiful information about media files: name, output type, bit rate, channel mode, sample rate, output directory and ID3 tag status. ID3 tags can be edited, too, and you can ask AC3 Decoder to delete source files when the task is completed.

AC3 Decoder is the perfect solution if you want to convert your AC3 files into the most popular formats while preserving excellent sound quality.
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AC3 Decoder 1.2.6
on 26 April 2007 , reviewed by:

To decode an AC-3 you can use Foobar2000 with the proper plugin. If you need six mono files, you can ...


AC3 Decoder 1.2.6
on 11 April 2007 , reviewed by:

very good .congratulations. thanks

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