x265 Encoder 1.2.275

Updated: 23 Jul 2014

x265 is an open-source project and free application library for encoding video streams into the H.265/High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) format.
The primary goal of the x265 project is to bring the quality and speed capabilities of x264 to the H.265 compression standard.

x265 is available to anyone under the terms of the GNU GPL 2 license.

x265 is also available to commercial companies who wish to distribute x265 without the open-source restictions that the GPL license imposes.

As Graphical User Interface, we suggest you to use x265GUI.

Features of x265 Encoder 1.2:

* Provides next-generation compression and codec.
* Fast and excellent quality.
* Completly free and libre software, ensuring freedom for everyone.
* The APIs are similar to x264 APIs
- Full prediction and transform quad-tree recursion supported
- Adaptive B-frame placement
- B-frames as references / arbitrary frame order
- CABAC entropy coding
- Intra: all block types (32x32, 16x16, 8x8, 4x4, and PCM with all predictions)
- Inter P: all partitions (from 64x64 down to 8x4)
- Inter B: partitions from 64x64 down to 8x4 (including all merge modes
- and biprediction)
- Weighted prediction for P slices
- Multiple reference frames
- Ratecontrol: constant quantizer, constant quality, single pass ABR, optional VBV
- Scenecut detection
- Parallel encoding on multiple CPUs, both frame-level and wavefront parallelism

DivX HEVC Encoder: will allow you to encode HEVC streams that are within DivX HEVC profile.

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