ZVR Converter 1.0

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ZVR Converter helps to convert ZVR files into the WAVE format for voice recorders (SR-3xxN/SR-M1xxN).

This extremely lightweight and freeware application is very easy to use.

You need to copy the ZVR files you want to convert to your computer. These files are located on the “Voice” folder of a set.

The next step is unzipping the downloaded ZVRconvert.zip.

One of the files you will obtain will be ZVRconverter.exe. Double click on it to open the ZVRconverter application.

Use the “Open” button to import the ZVR files you want to convert.

Eventually, simple click on the “Convert” button and you will have your ZVR file converted into WAVE.
Reviews & Comments
ZVR Converter 1.0
Simon Leung
on 30 May 2017
Good tools and easy to use.
ZVR Converter 1.0
on 08 December 2016
works fine. Good!!
ZVR Converter 1.0
on 20 October 2016
Fast and easy to apply. Works like a dream!