XstreamRadio 3.02

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XstreamRadio gives you access to hundreds of radio stations and it also enables you to record music.

All pre-programmed radio stations are included in a list which is very easy to navigate.

Next to each station the country’s flag is displayed, and several filtering options are available, such as genre (classical, jazz, rock, rap, oldies, and so on).

You can also look for radio stations by name, and you can add items to your favorite list, so you don’t need to look for those stations each time you launch XstreamRadio.

By clicking the “Record” button, the XstreamRadio will be launched, enabling you to record and play music or any other audio content in the WAV or the MP3 format. You can record even if you mute the sound of the radio station (no sound muting will be featured in your recordings).

All recordings are listed on the recording schedule and you can select the recordings for playback or remove them. By pressing the “File” button, you can open recordings in Explorer and perform actions such as copying, moving, deleting, or opening with another application. The “Recording control” menu allows you to select the format in which you would like to record, MP3 or WAV.

XstreamRadio’s interface is user-friendly, although a bit old-fashioned. Nevertheless, the good thing is you cannot get confused, even if you are a beginner user, as all commands are right at hand and easy to understand.

XstreamRadio is recommended to average and beginner users looking to gain access to a variety of radio stations online. The program’s minimalistic interface and its simple commands are easy to understand by any rookie.
Reviews & Comments
XstreamRadio 3.02
on 23 December 2023
Fogalmam sincs hogy kell letölteni számítógépre. Lehet, csak Andoid-ra engedi? Elvileg nem. Nem tudom, még próbálkozom.

Régen volt ilyen programfájl, amit fel lehetett telepíteni, de most nem találok semmit ugyanezen néven ezen oldalon kívül...

Pedig túl jó kis programnak tartom még most is, hogy megszüntessék! Azt szinte kizártnak tartom!!!