x265vfw 3.5

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Get x265vfw, a powerful video codec for efficient video compression.

This codec is essential for encoding high-quality video in the H.265/HEVC format, which offers superior compression rates compared to older formats like H.264.

Additional GUI Downloads:

x265 UI (aka Friendly Media Encoder): An easy-to-use media encoder for those who prefer a graphical interface (GUI).

Baka Encoder: A straightforward encoder for converting videos to the H.265 format with ease.

x265GUI, by ozok: A comprehensive graphical interface for x265, making video encoding simple and efficient.

Why Choose x265vfw?

High Efficiency: Significantly reduces file sizes while maintaining high video quality.

Versatile: Suitable for a variety of video editing and playback applications.

User-Friendly: Compatible with many video editing software that support VfW codecs.

How to Install x265vfw

Download the x265vfw installer from our site.
Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.
Configure your video editing software to use the x265vfw codec.

Additional Information

This application uses FFMpeg, x265, and mp4box to convert video files to HEVC streams. Being a GUI, it makes your work much easier and is more user-friendly compared to a command-line interface.

If you want to use the latest version of the x265 Encoder with x265GUI (version 0.180 - by ozok), you have to download the latest x265.exe and copy it into the "x265gui\tools" folder, replacing the older file.
Reviews & Comments
x265vfw 3.3.1
on 10 June 2020
Many thanks for the updates.

still using with virtual dub.
x265vfw 2.8
on 19 June 2018
With latest version of X265vfw 2.8.0 (June 2018) resizing a video with function "Sample Aspect Ratio" SAR width and Sar height value entries other than 1 has no effect to processed video.
x265vfw 1.7
on 13 January 2018
very nice - I use it with virtual dub, it works great a nice add on also u can use x264vfw with dub.