WinFF Video Converter 1.5.5

4.5 from 8 Reviews

WinFF is a frontend converter for FFmpeg which enables you to switch between multiple media formats, such as MPEG, AVI, MKV, MOV, OGG or VOB and many others.

It can process multiple files in multiple formats at the same time.

For example, you can convert MPEG, MOV and FLV all into AVI at the same time or any other combination you need.

The main advantages of WinFF Video Converter are the easy to use interface, its speed, the quality of output files, batch processing, extracting audio streams from video files, converting from one audio format to another, running without needing any external codecs and support for FFmpeg’s multithreading for dual core processors.

Furthermore, WinFF Video Converter offers its users a variety of preset conversion settings which include the most popular formats and devices, it allows you to create your own presets, it ensures fast and easy access to various conversion options (bitrate, frame size, frame rate) and it allows advanced users to specify additional command line parameters.

In order to import files in WinFF Video Converter, you can use either the file browser or the drag and drop method. Other possibilities that WinFF Video Converter provides you with are removing certain items from the list, play audio and video files, and preview results. Basic editing options include cropping video files, cutting them and setting command line parameters.

WinFF Video Converter allows you to set the computer to shut down after conversion is completed.

In conclusion, WinFF Video Converter has multiple advantages which recommend it as a good conversion tool: the easiness of use, the intuitive interface, batch processing and the possibility to set advanced parameters. It will satisfy both standard and advanced users.
Reviews & Comments
WinFF Video Converter 1.3.2
on 06 March 2011
Beware not to have a Windows user name that contains special characters, like "^" or "é"
WinFF Video Converter 1.2.0
on 14 March 2010
I downloaded WinFF not long ago for converting audio files into Movie files. It did its job correctly but took most of the quality out of the videos which frustrates me alot. Has anyone got any ideas how to convert my files but maintain the quality perfectly from my camera.
WinFF Video Converter 0.43
on 30 November 2008
This is the easiest to use converter I have tried. It handles everything I throw at it.
I needed to strip the audio from a couple of Quicktime videos and convert to MP3. WinFF 0.43 did the job nicely.