Vista Codec Package 7.2

4.02 from 117 Reviews

Vista Codec Package is a complete codecs selection that allows you to play all your media files without needing to install any other filters.

The Vista Codec Package does anything you’d expect from this kind of software and it completely solves any compatibility issues.

Designed for Windows Vista, as its name suggests, this codec pack makes you forget about the annoying process of finding the combination of codecs and filters needed to open your media files.

It is light and non-intrusive with your system. It does not install additional media players on your computer or associate filetypes.

Except for playing all those movies and music, from your computer or from external disk drives, Vista Codec Package also supports real and quicktime streaming in web browsers. The contents you want to view will be available to you immediately without making any extra adjustments.

The installation process is simple and flexible. If you have installed the whole pack and afterwards decided you don’t need all the codecs, you can easily remove any item without having to uninstall the whole package.

Moreover, you can manage the behavior of the codecs installed to your computer, if default settings do not meet your requirements.

Any potential conflicts are eliminated right from installation; Vista Codec Package removes any previously installed codec from your computer if it affects the functioning of the new codec pack.

The latest versions of the Vista Codec Package benefit from substantial changes, such as updates of all codecs and one installer for both 32/64bit codecs.

All things considered, Vista Codec Package is an application which meets a basic need of the average user: to play the most popular media file formats by installing a discreet, light codec on their computers.

Reviews & Comments
Vista Codec Package 5.7.9
laura newell
on 26 July 2010
for those of u using non panda virus scanners not all scanners detect vista codec packs virus but panda does so i suggest trying that then reinstalling ur original virus scaner also it seems to be connected to bing toolbar too so be careful with that ive already contact norton
Vista Codec Package 5.6.8
Scientific Frontline
on 29 April 2010
@Jim Schaffer
It should have been fine, but as reported before... there are many download sites that have injected Trojan/Viruses in the package. The worst of them is "brothersoft .com."

It is best to download VCP from the source: http://shark007 .net

Keep in mind "" is not at all responsible for what you get from the mirror download sites. They are just are a well trusted review and link site.

Although I hate to do this on a review for a product, I would really suggest K-Lite Mega Codecs, and use the MPHC player that is offered with it.
Vista Codec Package 5.6.8
Jim Schaffer
on 27 April 2010
The thought was there (having only the best of the best codecs installed), but the install wen't terribly wrong! Thank Goodness for Microsoft recovery! After installing this codec package for Vista, my email locked up and I couldn't get any browser other than IE to even start anymore. Printing from IE would even lock up the application. Rather than trying to UNINSTALL the app, I opted to utilize the Microsoft Recovery just before the install. Recovery fixed all my problems with the install. Now I just still have a problem viewing .mp4 movies in Google's Picasa. Solution anyone? (I'm not sure that the installed vista codec package would have fixed the problem as I panicked into recovering my system before even trying).

I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium with SP2 (32bit) on an HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop.