Video Container Changer provides an easy way to convert between the most popular video formats as it performs stream demuxing and remuxing for various containers.
Switching from one format to another is possible without video reconversion.

Video Container Changer uses FFmpeg.exe and it manages to convert the file without losing quality, as it breaks it into its core components and reassembles them back into a new format.

This task, although it may seem complicated, is performed within minutes. You enjoy extensive control as you can adjust various settings, such as establishing size and duration limits.

Moreover, work is fast and easy due to the batch conversion capability and to the drag and drop file importing method.

The file formats supported by Video Container Changer are KV, MP4, PSP, AVI, MOV, FLV, SWF, RM, MPEGTS, TS, WEBM, WMV, MPEG, VOB and RAW.

Other options you will enjoy in Video Container Changer are changing the H264 Stream Level to 4.1 or any and using external options for the FFmpeg tool.

The last versions of the application have been improved with additional features: adjusting file duration from start to end, an individual file setting option, disabling audio tracks on demand, copying added video and audio streams. Label alignments and display issues were also fixed, and the DPI scaling between 72DPI – 144DPI was improved.

As a frontend for FFmpeg, Video Container Changer requires .NET Framework 2.

This constantly updated application is very compact and it comes completely free.

Video Container Changer offers an easy method of converting various file formats without losing quality and in a short time. In spite of its complexity, this tool is easy to use and intuitive.
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