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TVUPlayer is an application which enables viewers to watch live television programs from all over the world, at a high quality level.

Now you don’t have to depend anymore on your local cable or satellite providers, since TVUPlayer makes it possible to see programs from around the world, no matter how hard they usually are to find.

The most important English-language channels featured by TVUPlayer are CBN, CCTV, CNN, Cartoon Network, ESPN and HBO. On the other hand, the application gives you access to lot of Asian channels that are interesting only for a limited category of users.

Other limitations of this program are the inflexible interface (it cannot be resized) and needing a fast Internet connection to be able to connect to the station you want to watch.

On the other hand, you don’t need an advanced computer to run this program, because TVUPlayer needs a low amount of system resources to function.

A few improvements that TVUPlayer could really benefit from would be a better interface, adding more channels and diversifying settings. Meanwhile, the last changes performed by its developers are the new UI skin, the new startup screen, the diagnostic button and the Personal Video Recorder feature.

This tool makes it possible to schedule recordings in advance. You need to introduce date, time and channel and at the same time have a TVU account which costs $1,99 per month.

All things considered, TVUPlayer is not a bad idea, and even if it needs improvements, such as adding a wider range of channels and updating interface, it can still be extremely helpful for the users interested in the TV station this application features. In spite of its limitations, there are some satisfied users of TVUPlayer.
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on 25 October 2008
Great program. finally, I can watch some india tamil tv dramas download programs, while I am in canada. thank you.
TVUPlayer 1.5.12
on 08 July 2006
Great program. Finally, I can watch some English programs, while I am in Japan.