Tray Radio 14.0.2

Updated: 18 Oct 2020

1.5 from 2 Reviews

Tray Radio is a multifunctional application dedicated to music lovers who like to have both their music libraries and favorite radio stations available within the same tool.
Tray Radio makes radio listening easy and accessible to everyone, without wasting time and effort on finding radio stations online and making them work.

The only conditions for enjoying the features of this application are having a reliable Internet connection and a sound card on your computer.

The first thing you’ll appreciate about Tray Radio is its discreet user interface, as the program runs from your system tray and its functions can be accessed by right-clicking the dedicated icon and choosing the desired item.

Main features provided by Tray Radio include easily adding radio stations, recording audio from radio stations, setting favorite radio stations, and playing Shoutcast stations.

Automatic updating of stations is available. As for the music playing capabilities, you will be able to play MP3, M4A, and VMA files, to apply jukebox options, to view song lyrics, and to enjoy multiuser mode. These features are easy to locate and use, even if Tray Radio doesn’t have a help file included.

With Tray Radio it is possible to tweak your listening experience by operating a customizable audio equalizer. You don’t need to apply the same settings every time, because you can create up to 6 presets to choose from, depending on your preferences.
One of your favorite Tray Radio features will likely become the audio recording tool, enabling you to record music from your favorite radio stations.

Tray Radio is suitable for the average computer user who likes to relax listening to music. You can easily juggle between your favorite radio stations and the music stored on your computer by using Tray Radio’s user-friendly and straightforward interface.
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1.5 from 2 Reviews


Tray Radio 14.0.2
on 15 January 2021 , reviewed by:

My biggest complaint is that no matter which classical music station I pick, CALM radio takes over with its adverts, ...


Tray Radio 14.0
on 05 March 2020 , reviewed by:

trojan Win32/Zpevdo.A Admin's Note: Another false positive from our beloved Windows Defender. The file is clean.

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