SubtitleCreator 2.3 rc1

Updated: 12 Jul 2008

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Looking for an advanced subtitle editing and conversion tool? SubtitleCreator is the solution.
What this powerful tool does is converting ASCII based text files in the SubRip’s SRT or SUB format to the binary format supported by DVD authoring tools like IfoEdit and ReJig. Thus you will be able to create and add your own subtitles to a DVD.

SubtitleCreator’s conversion options include converting SRT and SUB to SUP files and transforming HD-SUP to standard SUP files.

You can also switch between PAL and NTSC standards.

Subtitles can be synchronized using time shifting, frame rate conversion and the original subtitles, and afterwards you can save the synchronized subtitle file.

A wide range of options is available with SubtitleCreator and you can specify if you want the application to use less or more lines, to automatically wrap lines, to generate bitmaps of the subtitles for you or to remove double spaces.

SubtitleCreator offers numerous other ways of customizing your subtitles: using bold, italics or underline; selecting text size, deselecting subtitles you don’t need, choosing the desired font, joining subtitles, and defining your own shortcuts.

You can also customize SubtitleCreator’s interface, by selecting between different background images and languages.

The last version of SubtitleCreator was released in 2008, and it was improved with various new features: taking snapshots, setting the subtitle transparency level, importing external images, changing the subtitle position, support for binary subtitles inside the main window, and support for the drag and drop functionality with IDX and SUP files.

SubtitleCreator’s complex features recommend it to advanced users, but anyone who is less experienced with similar applications can use this tool due to its intuitive and well-organized interface, as long as they stick to basic editing options.
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VobSub Ripper VobSub Ripper extracts subtitles from DVD movies and saves them as IDX and SUB files. It can also create SRT subtitle files.

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DVDSubber DVDSubber displays additional subtitles during DVD playback; missing subtitles are overlayed on top of the video without actually modifying or re-authoring the DVD.

SubCreator Looking to create subtitles from scratch? SubCreator is a reliable tool that eases your work considerably and helps with script-timing.

4 from 3 Reviews
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It might be a nice program but why a semi-naked woman on the opening screen? If you HAVE to put ...


SubtitleCreator 2.2.2
on 28 October 2007 , reviewed by: Paddington

The latest release supports several languages out of the box. Great tool for creating subtitles, and using the wizard, you ...

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