Subtitle Tool is a compact and portable application allowing you to use the most important subtitle editing options.
This software is portable, which means you don’t need to install it to your computer.

Instead, juts keep Subtitle Tool on your local disk and run it whenever it is necessary.

A big advantage of Subtitle Tool and any portable tool is that it won’t modify your Windows registry and affect computer performance.

The most popular subtitle formats are supported: SRT, SSA, MicroDVD subtitles and TXT. Subtitles can be imported via a file browser, as drag and drop is not supported.

The developers of Subtitle Tool have launched this software with the following note: the fact that Subtitle Tool splits into 3 parts instead of 2 is not a bug, but a feature. This happens because the second AVI file is longer than the first, while the application expects AVIs of the same size. It is recommended to save all 3 parts, to open the second file and to append the third subtitle.

Although Subtitle Tool has not been developed anymore for a long time, it comes with some really smart options for its time: altering the subtitles speed, playing the movie with the attached subtitles (this helps you make adjustments a lot easier), and appending and splitting subtitles. Moreover, Subtitle Tool supports hotkeys and you can learn how to use them by reading the help section.

The last version of Subtitle Tool, 2002.05.27, was improved with support for two other subtitle formats, partial time shift, shortcuts and its built-in media player.

Even if Subtitle Tool has not been updated for a very long time, it can still be used on older machines and it remains accessible to all categories of users who want to edit their subtitles the easy way.
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