Steeper 1.2

Updated: 24 Aug 2005

Steeper is a compact and handy application allowing you to edit your ASF and WMV files.
Some of the actions you can perform with this software are repairing, modifying, joining and cutting out fragments.

The main features of Steeper are repairing damaged files, joining two or more files, cutting out fragments form files, setting attributes and playing files.

Steeper has not been developed anymore since 2005 and its last version, 1.2, was improved with an option to edit and save list and with the possibility of opening multiple files from the same directory.

Steeper is a GUI based on AsfBin, a command-line interface application by RadioActive. Steeper requires Window Media Services at least with version 9.0.

The application is portable, which means you don’t have to install it to your computer. Just keep it on your local disc or on an external memory device and run it whenever you need to edit ASF or WMV files.

The interface of Steeper is clear and intuitive, but also rather outdated. Drag and drop file importing is not supported and batch processing is only possible when you join files. Good results are ensured only when you join items with the same file extension.

In terms of video cutting, users enjoy a diverse range of functions: marking the start and end time values, changing attributes (author, title, description, and copyright) and removing items from the list. The resulting files have a very good image and sound quality.

Steeper is ideal for beginners who want to edit ASF and WMV files the simple way. The application has not been updated anymore in a long time, but it can still be used for joining or cutting files if you don’t mind its old-school interface.
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Steeper 1.2
on 06 August 2009 , reviewed by:

For a 4-year old program, it still works perfectly. Scanned--no virus or trojan... Interface is old-school, but this is the ...


Steeper 1.2
on 28 June 2007 , reviewed by:

Virus!? Trojan Generic5.BLO detected in Steeper12.exe by AVGFree 7.5.476. False alarm? If not, I've had a ...

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