StarBurn is a complete burning solution allowing you to create CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, HD-DVD media, and disc images.
Moreover, this program also enables you to extract audio tracks.

StarBurn is available for free and can be used with a wide range of burning hardware.

Due to its MMC (Multi-Media Command Set) support, you don’t need to update StarBurn all the time to make sure you can use every new burning unit.

One of the most useful features of this software is the audio content processing support. Both WAV (uncompressed) and WAV (compressed) files are supported.

You can listen to your music collection on your PC, upload audio files to portable players, or create re-mastered audio CDs. Creating audio CDs from MP3 and WMA files is very fast and simple – you don’t need to decompress them and store a copy on the hard disk beforehand; the actual burning is performed without decoding files first.

Disc creation is very easy due to the program’s multi-panel interface displaying both the computer and the disc content. New files can be immediately added to your disc by using the drag and drop functionality.

Options such as burning data discs and creating or grabbing ISO images are available in the Data section. Other useful features include creating multisession discs and selecting the burning speed.

A complete help file is available for beginner users, but StarBurn’s interface is so intuitive and simple that anyone can have their work done within minutes by following the steps provided by the application and pressing “Next”.

All Windows editions are supported, from 95 to 10, including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

With StarBurn, you can create unlimited CD and DVD copies and you can enjoy your multimedia files on your PC or any other portable device.
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