SRTWiz is a helpful application for any movie enthusiast as it helps you repair damaged subtitle files.
This tool can fix a wide range of bugs and corruptions.

A detailed list of the bugs that SRTWiz can fix is available in the “issues.htm” file. Any combination of any of these bugs and corruptions can be repaired with SRTWiz.

You may need to use this application if a SRT subtitle is not loading correctly in the video player.

Correcting the subtitle with a text editor takes a lot of time and it may not deliver the best results. Other similar applications are too complex and offer options you don’t need.

SRTWiz has been created to solve the most common problems with minimum effort and without having subtitle editing experience.

SRTWiz is easy to handle: just drag the damaged file over the application’s icon and the software automatically does the necessary changes. At the same time, a backup of the old SRT file is made and placed in the same directory.

Some of the errors you can correct with SRTWiz are merging the timestamp with section numbers, incorrect section numbers, and empty lines.

Before using SRTWiz, you need to know it does not handle very complex tasks and that it comes with some restrictions: the SRT file needs to be larger than 29 bytes, and the file cannot contain the special "ð" character, which is used in the repair process.

If you are dealing with some basic subtitle errors, SRTWiz may be exactly what you need, especially if you are using an older machine (the application has not been updated anymore since 2004).
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