Sherlock - The Codec Detective! 2.0

Updated: 25 Nov 2004

3.5 from 2 Reviews

Carrying a very suggestive name, Sherlock - The Codec Detective! identifies codec-related problems of your system.
If you have video and audio playback problems, the most likely cause is not having the codec you need installed on your computer.

Sherlock is a good option for computers running on older Windows versions (XP and 2000 Pro); the software has not been updated anymore since 2004.

The good part is that you don’t need to understand how this software works; you just need to run it, indicate the file you cannot play and you will be provided with the necessary information. It’s as simple as that!

The main features of Sherlock - The Codec Detective! are: finding the codecs installed to your computer, displaying broken codecs (they will be highlighted in red), not needing to install it to your computer (portable), and exporting data to a text file.

Sherlock has a simple interface, where a list of codecs already installed to your system is displayed. This list loads automatically after you open the program.

For each codec, you can find out its location, version and last date of modification. Additionally, you are offered system information such as total memory, CPU clock speed and DirectX version.

Besides not modifying your Windows registry, Sherlock is once again friendly with your system by using a low amount of resources.

Although no recent updates have been made, Sherlock can still be helpful for users owning older computers, which run Windows XP. If you fall in that category, this application can represent for you a complete analysis tool that will help you detect missing codecs.

Having a compact design and being portable are other two reasons why this tool is so convenient.
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3.5 from 2 Reviews


Sherlock - The Codec Detective! 2.0
on 12 March 2007 , reviewed by:

Clicking "save" button saves part of the list, then freezes. "print" button just freezes up.


Sherlock - The Codec Detective! 2.0
on 14 January 2006 , reviewed by:

This works just fine but now that it has identified a "broken" codec, how do I remove it? The offending ...

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