ShareX is an excellent tool dedicated to office workers and to anyone looking to take screenshots in an easy and effective manner.
This complex yet easy to use software is available for free and represents one of the most feature-rich apps of its kind.

You will be impressed by the wide range of options available with ShareX.

Some options provided by ShareX that you’d definitely expect are taking advanced screenshot captures, recording screen activity, using different methods for capturing screenshots (full screen, windows, monitor, freehand, region, scrolling etc.), and editing images after capture (making annotations, adding effects, placing watermarks, printing, and uploading).

But there’s more to ShareX – the program supports more than 50 different hosting services such as Dropbox and Pastebin, and works with the most popular URL shortening and sharing services.

Advanced tools include a screen color picker, an image editor, a QR code generator, a directory indexer, a DNS changer, and a ruler. Moreover, you can benefit from an infinite number of customizable workflows and you have the possibility to set hotkeys for virtually any action performed by ShareX.

Wondering what other impressive features ShareX offers?

For instance, you can leave your computer unattended while the app uses its automatic image capturing option, and you can ask ShareX to perform multiple actions at the same time.

Once you upload an image, you can use a URL shortener and send the link to a co-worker or post it on a social network.

In spite of its advanced features, ShareX uses a low amount of system resources and has a minimum impact on your computer performance. Although it will take you a while to discover all its capabilities, in the end you will be pleased to have on your computer and app that can perform almost any operation when it comes to taking screenshots and uncovering their full potential.
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