SharePod 4.2

Updated: 16 Sep 2016

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SharePod enables you to copy multimedia files from your Apple mobile devices to any computer and to iTunes and the other way around.
All you have to do is to install this application to your system, connect your iPod, iPad or iPhone to the computer and run SharePod.

You will be able to transfer music, videos, photos, podcasts and many others fast and easy.

The main features of SharePod are adding, removing and editing playlists; adding and removing album art; adding and removing multimedia files from your iPhone, iPad and iPod; viewing and backing up photos; editing tags; using the “drag and drop” feature to import or export files; copying multimedia files from your mobile devices to your computer and importing multimedia into the iTunes library, including ratings and playlists.

SharePod is a portable application, which means it doesn’t need to be installed to your computer. It doesn’t modify the Windows registry and it can also be kept on a mobile memory device.

SharePod has a compact and user-friendly design; it has all the features you need for an easy and reliable transfer.

An extra feature you could find useful is creating Winamp playlists from a source iPod, which allows users to listen to tracks on the PC without needing to copy the actual files. Otherwise, SharePod doesn’t have any features you don’t need and this is why the application is so lightweight and easy to use.

This application is strongly recommended to anyone needing to transfer files between their computers and iPods, iPads and iPhones by using a low amount of system resources.

SharePod offers you access to the most important features you’d expect from this kind of software and it helps you backup your files very easily.
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4 from 2 Reviews


SharePod 3.9.5
on 11 July 2010 , reviewed by:

I've been using this as a portable iPod/iPhone backup for years. It works perfectly.


SharePod 3.8
on 05 April 2008 , reviewed by:

sharepod don't work with the ipod touch

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