ReClock DirectShow Filter beta

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ReClock DirectShow Filter helps you to avoid discontinuous playback of AVI and MPEG files, including those situations when you connect your PC to a TV set.

It replaces the DirectSound Audio Renderer, which is the default audio rendering filter used with Microsoft DirectShow.

This filter works by providing a new reference clock, locked to the video card hardware clock.

Consequently, frames are rendered at the speed estimated by the video card vertical sync.

ReClock DirectShow Filter can also be considered a frame rate adaptor for media files that do not match the video card refresh rate (for instance, you will be able to play 23,976fps IVTC NTSC on a PAL TV).

Other powerful features of ReClock DirectShow Filter are hardware and software rate adaptation in real time, the multi-channel audio capabilities and the dynamic range compression options.

In order to enjoy the features of ReClock DirectShow Filter, you need to have installed on your computer either PowerDVD or Arcsoft TMT 3.

Another thing you should know if you want to use ReClock DirectShow Filter is that you must not delete the “ASAudioRenderer_bak.dll” file. It is a backup for “ASAudioRenderer.dll”, necessary for the application’s functioning.

ReClock DirectShow Filter is being constantly improved, and its last versions include support for PowerDVD 16, replacement of default renderer with Windows 10, also prevent possible dll side-load attack during installation and fixed HD DVD playback with ArcSoft TMT & PowerDVD 7. Change (PowerDVD 10 and up): Replaces file.

ReClock DirectShow Filter prevents jerky playback and you simply have to install it in order to improve your video watching experience.
Reviews & Comments
ReClock DirectShow Filter beta
on 02 January 2013
Will always skip audio at start of play, no matter what settings.
ReClock DirectShow Filter beta
on 08 July 2012
Cleared up annoying audio sound distortions/unwanted noise for a couple of months,but back to square one now.

Program seems to require update for windows 7 which I could not find.
ReClock DirectShow Filter beta
on 09 April 2010
Now I have a High-End audio in my PC. I'm using ReClock 1.8.5 with KMP. The best estereo audio in PC or musicserver. I upsampling 44.1kHz/16bit to 192kHz/32bit. Great!