RadLight Filter Manager 1.6

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Radlight Filter Manager was a powerful tool designed to manage DirectShow filters and codecs on Windows systems.

It provided users with the ability to organize and configure filters efficiently, enhancing their multimedia playback experience.

While Radlight Filter Manager served its purpose effectively in its time, it's important to note that it is no longer actively developed or supported.

Please be aware that this software has not received updates since 2008 and may not be compatible with modern systems.

As technology has evolved, newer alternatives have emerged to meet the changing needs of users.

Despite its discontinued status, Radlight Filter Manager may still be useful for users seeking to manage legacy multimedia configurations.

However, we advise caution when using outdated software, as it may pose compatibility and security risks on modern operating systems.

Download Radlight Filter Manager and explore its functionalities, keeping in mind its status as a legacy application. For users requiring up-to-date multimedia solutions, we recommend exploring alternative software options available in the Codec Identifiers category.
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RadLight Filter Manager 1.5
on 25 August 2011
It is great. It shows all relavant data and easy to set MERIT! Only what I find that it does not have sorted list of filter by merit value