QuickTime Alternative 3.2.2

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QuickTime Alternative is the preferred alternative to QuickTime Player for Windows users seeking a streamlined media playback solution.

Please note that QuickTime Alternative is no longer actively developed. Below, explore the reasons why QuickTime Alternative is still a viable option for users looking to play QuickTime files without the need for Apple's software.

Why Choose QuickTime Alternative?

1. QuickTime File Playback: QuickTime Alternative allows you to play QuickTime files seamlessly without the need to install Apple's QuickTime Player, saving you time and resources.

2. Lightweight and Efficient: Enjoy a lightweight and efficient media player that provides smooth playback of QuickTime files while minimizing system resource usage, ensuring optimal performance on your Windows device.

3. Codec Support: QuickTime Alternative comes bundled with essential codecs for playing QuickTime files, ensuring compatibility with various audio and video formats commonly used in QuickTime content.

4. No Bloatware: Unlike Apple's QuickTime Player, QuickTime Alternative is free from unnecessary bloatware and additional software, providing a clean and hassle-free installation experience.

To be more specific, QuickTime Alternative is fitted with the following components:

- Media Player Classic, the well-known application with simple interface but with powerful features;
- QuickTime Codecs;
- QuickTime DirectShow filter (it allows you to play QuickTime content in any player);
- QuickTime plugin for Internet Explorer;
- QuickTime plugins for other Internet browsers (Firefox, Opera, Mozilla, Chrome, Netscape);
- CoreAVC (an external filter for Media Player Classic),
- CoreAAC (an AAC DirectShow filter decoder based on FAAD2)
- and some extra plugins for QuickTime, in case you will need to view special formats on some web pages.

Download QuickTime Alternative for Free.

Are you prepared to enjoy seamless playback of QuickTime files on your Windows device?

Simply click the link below to access QuickTime Alternative for free from Free-Codecs. Follow the straightforward installation instructions, and begin enjoying QuickTime content without relying on Apple's software.

With its lightweight design, codec support, and regular updates, QuickTime Alternative offers a seamless playback experience for all your QuickTime content, even though it is no longer actively developed. Download QuickTime Alternative now and enjoy hassle-free QuickTime playback on your Windows device!

Download QuickTime Alternative Now!

The only difference between the regular (QuickTime Alternative) and lite versions (QT Lite & QuickTime Alternative Lite) is that the lite version does not include Media Player Classic.

Changes to QuickTime Alternative 3.2.2:

- Updated QuickTime components version
- Enabled support for embedded mp4/m4a files
- Fixed configuration option at end of installation
- Now shows a warning when an incompatible version of Apple Application Support is detected
Reviews & Comments
QuickTime Alternative 3.2.2
on 22 June 2021
Hi everyone! In June 2021 QT Alternative is still working! I had to reinstall Adobe programs that require QuickTime to work with .mov files.

The real QT programs have constantly being crashing on mi PC.

The developers have saved me, QT Alternative works better than the Covid vaccines.

Thank you, guys!
QuickTime Alternative 3.2.2
hedge music corp
on 30 April 2017
quick time alternative is a good choice if you want the quick time codec only for work with a lot of programs (adobe After Effect).
QuickTime Alternative 3.2.2
on 27 May 2014
I am on Windows XP SP3 and since I installed Quicktime Alternative several programs have been aborting with a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library message: ΓÇ£Runtime Error! R6002 ΓÇôfloating point support not loadedΓÇ¥.

I have tried uninstalling your product and taken various other steps including a system restore but the problem doesnΓÇÖt go away.

Do you have any ideas?
Many thanks.