pgc.NET can rip a certain program chain or PGC from a DVD. Program chains represent collections of programs which are linked together.

This type of software is required when you convert movies to AVI files and you need to have already ripped the correct program chain rather than the original DVD VOB set files.

Each time you insert a DVD in your drive, a presentation is displayed, and it offers you access to various contents such as Titles, Trailers, Scenes, Languages and so on.

In order to achieve this, the player runs a Video Title Set, which is a collection of PGCs. This group of cells defines how these elements will be played back, depending on user or DVD player settings.

What pgc.NET does is ripping the program chain right from the DVD. If you need to process contents from a copy-protected DVD, you will need first to rip the DVD to your hard drive with a ripper of your choice and afterwards use pgc.NET with the already ripped DVD files.

It has a Scan button which you need to use in order to find out information about the inserted DVD and its PGCs. The Output button allows you to indicate the destination folder where you want to save ripped PGCs. Eventually, the Start button will do the actual PGC ripping.

pgc.NET is recommended especially for episodic DVD discs which contain multiple episodes per VOB set.

pgc.NET should be on your wishlist if you need a reliable chain ripper which is able to easily rip program chains from DVDs. By using this program, you can be sure that the ripped files will be complete and that your copies will contain all the elements on the DVD.
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